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  Here is what people are saying about Instructor Tom Bloomfield and his methodology:  

"This program is incredible. I didn't realize how easy it is to learn, and teach self-defense. My husband and children love watching and learning with me, and we have all become more confident. The material is comprehensive and easy to learn."
Cindy J., Jacksonville FL

"I work late and have to walk to my car at night sometimes. Your program opened my eyes about how to be more alert and protect myself if needed."
Maria M., San Francisco CA

"Great program! You've shown me that you don't need fancy martial arts moves to be able to defend yourself. Anyone can -- and definitely should -- learn your techniques!"
Joseph P., Brockton MA

"I always had a lingering fear for the safety of my family. After getting this program I know what to do in dangerous situations and have a lot more confidence and peace of mind."
Susan K., San Anselmo, CA

"Tom is great. He has taught my four-year old exactly what to do if somebody grabs him by the wrist, the neck, or the shirt. His techniques are simple to learn and fun, and now I am teaching them to everyone I know."
Elena L., Sarasota FL

"This program breaks self-defense into easy to learn steps for teaching people how to really protecting themselves if the need arises. Terrific!"
Andy T., Osprey FL


"This program provided me with a sense of internal power and confidence that I hadn’t felt before. Now I am armed to stand up for myself..
Nancy T., Los Angeles CA

"I thought that to disable an attacker you had to be huge and strong. I now see that there are numerous opportunities for anyone of any size to stun an attacker. Size and strength are less important than knowing key parts of the body and simple moves. I´ll always have the upper hand in any dangerous or fighting situation."
Sam R., Osprey FL

"I am able to now understand how my environment can help me protect myself in a dangerous situation."
Mark B., Brooklyn NY

"I've learned so much from this program. Tom Bloomfield’s approach is amazing because you don’t need to know any fancy or difficult martial arts moves. He shows normal women like me how to defend ourselves by using our natural instincts."
Joan M., Chicago IL

"This program is so easy to learn, and fun to do. This kind of wisdom should be taught in every school. What Tom teaches is truly amazing – and yet simple to learn."
Andrew T., Bridgewater MA

" Tom's instruction has given me more discipline, confidence, and helped me trim down and stay healthy."
Julie M., North Port FL

"I got into this with my daughter. I did some martial arts in high school, but Tom teaches true, practical self-defense. My daughter's self-confidence has increased along with mine. This program is great, for anybody, and is excellent for families to do together." -
Anthony S., North Port FL

"I just wanted to say that Mr. Bloomfield has been a wonderful influence on my two sons ages 5 and 11, building stronger bodies, minds, confidence and respect both for themselves and others."
John I., Sarasota FL

"In addition to teaching self-defense, your program taught me about how to establish boundaries to keep my children safe and help them be more responsible. Thank you for making me a better parent."
Tatiana L, Venice FL


NFPT CEC Approved Provider

Learn How You Can Make an Executive Level Income Teaching Others How to Protect Themselves with an Easy-to-Learn Turnkey System

Dear Colleague,

In just a few days, you can be well on your way to making an excellent income as a certified self-defense trainer.

That’s how long it takes to get started in one of the world’s easiest, most profitable and infinitely rewarding businesses.

And before you say this business is not for you, take a look at what you don’t need to become a huge success with this business:

  • Experience in business—NOT NEEDED!
  • Experience as a fighter—NOT NEEDED!
  • Experience in martial arts—NOT NEEDED!
  • Experience in the physical fitness industry—NOT NEEDED!

In fact, everything you will need to start and grow this business into a dependable, ongoing income is included right here in our unique, comprehensive self-defense certification program.


The Perfect Business


As a certified self-defense fitness trainer, you'll be running your own business and making your own hours.  You’ll be working when you want — at your own pace.

You’re the boss—you call the shots.

And even better, you'll have a business you can be proud of—one that profits by providing an extremely valuable service in your community. It’s a business you can take to any level you choose because it is highly in demand. You can work it part-time...or you can turn it into a thriving enterprise with offices and employees.

Get Certified Your certification makes all this possible because you will have a valuable skill people will be willing to pay great money for.  And that's because you'll hold the "key" to making huge impacts on their lives—helping them to protect themselves—helping them protect their loved ones.

No Special Skills Needed

Women's Self Defense Training Video

 This is a business anyone can do. You don't need any martial arts or fighting experience. You don't need a degree or any special education. You don't need any expensive equipment. All you need to get started in this lucrative business is our comprehensive certification program and a passion to help people of all ages protect themselves.

You may be thinking to yourself, "but I nothing about self defense."


Relax. We’ll teach you everything you need to know.

Not only that, we’ll show you how to turn yourself into the “go-to” self-defense instructor in your community—someone who’s name immediately comes to mind when the words “self-defense” are mentioned.  You’ll learn to become the one that can train others how to protect themselves and keep their families safe. And believe me, these people will be very grateful to you, and very willing to pay you top dollar for your services.


Your Business is Backed by an Industry Veteran


But before I tell you how you can get started in this lucrative, underserved business—first, let me tell you about my associate— a man by the name of Tom Bloomfield.

Thomas Bloomfield has a remarkable record of teaching self-defense and martial arts to adults and children. Tom has studied Martial Arts for over twenty-eight years and in eight different disciplines. At the age of 14, he even became a Sifu (instructor) in Lung Gung Fa - Kung Fu. He is the 2001-2002 Florida State Champion of the American Taekwondo Association (ATA). In addition to serving as President of The Family Safety and Self-Defense Institute, Tom leads an ATA Black Belt Academy in Osprey, Florida. He is also a retired Marine.

Self Defense Techniques Tom's experience allows him to offer a broad spectrum of training, methodology, and instruction to his students. He is known for his clear, concise teaching style and his ability to connect with his students through humor and empathy. His self-defense program distills the best practices of his broad experience into a simple, easy-to-learn system.

Create a Profitable, In-Demand Business You Will Be Proud To Own


With rising violent crime rates, the demand for effective self-defense training is in demand. Unlike a martial arts school, your clients will come to you to learn the simple, effective self-defense techniques that really work—without the expense and long-term commitment of learning a martial art.


A Turnkey Business and Proven Marketing Plan


The program is simple to learn and to teach; it comes to you with the assumption that you have no prior self-defense training and walks you through everything you need to know, step-by-step. However, if you’re already a fitness trainer, former police officer, teacher, or retired military, you’ll quickly see that you’ll already have a headstart to success.

In this turnkey system, you’re going to receive everything that consumers get when they order…and everything needed to ensure the success of your business. Here’s what’s included:

Women's Self Defense Training Video Comprehensive Marketing Manual: As an exclusive benefit of this program, you get the ultimate guide to marketing self-defense programs in your community. Easy to read and understand, the Manual shows you exactly how to attract professionals, women, youths, and families to your business-- step-by-step, by the numbers. It includes: pricing, marketing materials, your action plan, setting up group classes, youth programs, and more. If you can read and follow simple, very easy-to-understand directions, this Manual will make you lots of money in this lucrative business.
Eight incredible Self-Defense Instructional Video Modules (over 3 hours of video and 58 clips), each showing a different aspect of self-defense. These easy-to-follow videos show real people - men, women, and children - defending themselves in common self-defense situations. Also, acclaimed instructor Tom Bloomfield walks you through each scenario and move, in step-by-step fashion. You get over three hours of content so you can quickly and easily learn effective self-defense right in your own home. The eight modules are broken down into easy to follow steps, so you and your family can learn and become proficient at their own pace.
The eight modules are broken down into easy to follow steps, so you can learn and become proficient at your own pace.


Here’s a description of each of the eight modules:
Self Defense Techniques
#1: An Overview of Self-Defense. You’ll learn how to condition yourself to be alert and aware of dangerous situations; you’ll discover how to use your natural instincts to protect and defend yourself; you’ll quickly master the basics of assessing your environment for weapons and escape routes; you’ll understand the key vital points of the body that can distract an attacker to your advantage; you’ll find a natural defensive stance that can throw any attacker off-guard; you’ll learn basic strikes, basic blocks, basic kicks, and you’ll get an overview of self-defense at close, middle, and longer ranges.
Self Defense Techniques For Women Groin
#2: Self-Defense at Long Range. At longer ranges, you can most easily prevent an attacker from harming you. Learn easy strikes, blocks, and kicks that work at long range. Tom shows you exercises which ANYONE can use their fists, feet, and arms to defend themselves effectively. You’ll see him teaching a 7-year old, 13-year old, 15-year old, and adult how to learn long-range self-defense moves.
Women's Self Defense Training Video
#3: Self-Defense at Mid Range. If an attacker comes close to you, it is critical to keep them from grabbing hold of you, striking you, or pushing you down. Your mid-range techniques module will show you how to use your elbows, knees, and natural weapons to get away from an attacker.
Self Defense Techniques
#4: Self-Defense at Close Range. Do you know what to do if an attacker grabs you from behind? Chokes you? Gets on top of you? In this module, you will learn how to use basic close range techniques and moves to get an attacker away from you so you can survive the attack.
Women's Self Defense Training Video #5: Common Situations. Tom walks you through over 15 common situations and how to escape each of them. Situations include: what to do when someone grabs you; escaping the bear hug from behind; dealing with someone trying to tackle you; what to do if you are on the ground and your attacker is trying to kick you; what to do if your attacker is on top of you; dealing with two attackers; stopping the purse snatcher; teaching your child how to handle a potential abductor; and many more.
Self Defense Techniques #6: Responses to Weapons. When an attacker has a weapon – be it a stick, knife, or gun – you do have options. Tom is a retired Marine and has extensive training in dealing with opponents with weapons. Take advantage of his simple yet powerful understanding of how to handle someone wielding a stick or a knife and even how to keep a close-range gun from firing. Hopefully you never need this information, but if the unthinkable happens, you’ll know what to do.
Self Defense Techniques For Women Groin #7: How To Turn Anything Into a Weapon. Look around you. Can you turn any object into a weapon? Tom shows you how to turn anything into a weapon, from parts of your body to a curb, cell phone, keys, shoe, bag of groceries, purse, tree, wall, and even a newspaper. You’ll learn to instinctively think “outside the box.”

#8: Keeping Children Safe. You must know how to talk to your children about dangerous situations, and teach them how to develop their instincts and judgment to avoid them and get away safely. In this module, Tom sits down with various children and talks to them about: answering the door; walking in public places; manipulative conversations by adults; peer pressure; answering the phone; using bicycles and skateboards for protection; dating; and rules for staying safe.

Women's Self Defense Training Video In addition to the eight self-defense modules, you’re also going to get a fascinating module on the human body and its vital points. This is a crucial module to your overall self-defense system! Tom shows you the top vital points on the human body and how to strike them. You learn about pressure points, sensitive areas, joints, and nerves that can distract and even disable an attacker. You also learn the best ways to attack those vital points. This module includes two, full-color illustrations of the vital spots on the human body.

This self-defense system was developed so that any person regardless of age, gender, size or physical ability can learn to effectively deal with a violent encounter, learn to manage almost any disadvantage and escape almost any attack.


Even More to Ensure Your Success

Even More to Ensure Your Success

Instructor Manual: With this comprehensive instructor manual, we show you exactly how to set up and organize your classes, teach the moves, and keep participants safe and motivated. You get a jump on success.

Self Defense Techniques For Women Groin A detailed step-by-step workbook with hundreds of still photos that leads you through each and every self-defense move and module: For each of the eight Self-Defense Modules and over 3 hours of video, you also receive a workbook showing detailed instructions of every single situation and tactic – broken down into steps, with still photos to illustrate each movement. You‚ll quickly see how this guide reinforces what–s taught in the videos and helps the lessons become second nature to you.
  • One-on-one support from Tom Bloomfield himself: By email, Tom Bloomfield will respond to any question you have about the materials in this program, within 1 business day. To our knowledge, no other program offers this level of support. If you have any question, anytime, contact Tom and he will respond PERSONALLY to you. This program is like having your own martial arts expert on call for you. You’ll never find a question that will go unanswered.

And there’s even more…

  • INCLUDED - Street Smart Child and the Street Smart Adult checklists. These comprehensive checklists are important teaching tools for you to help your students AVOID dangerous situations before they happen.

  • INCLUDED – World Champion Kickboxer Erik Marshall’s Self-Defense Instructor Video, including 20 additional self-defense scenarios and Erik’s high energy, unique approach to self-defense. That’s like getting a second Certification program for the cost of only one!

  • INCLUDED - Earn extra income by selling our Self-Defense Kit videos to your clients. We can give your clients instant online access to our videos so that they can study at home. You make a mark-up on every sale, and your clients will rave about you!
  • INCLUDED - Membership in the Family Safety and Self-Defense Institute: When you sign up for any of our programs, you automatically become a member of our Institute. This entitles you to an online member area to have permanent access to all of our materials. You gain exclusive access to a password-protected site to keep you up to date – in addition to the materials you receive in the mail.
Women's Self Defense Training Video
  • INCLUDED - Certificate of Completion with the Family Safety and Self-Defense Institute: When you are ready, take our online test to confirm your proficiency of the materials. You can take the test as many times as you need, at no additional cost, and we are here to help you learn the materials or answer any questions. Once you pass, you receive an 8 ½" X 11" Certificate of Completion suitable for framing. This Certificate is a valuable credential that will set you apart from other fitness professionals.

  • PLUS -- This program has been approved for 20 Units of CEUs from ISSA (International Sports Sciences Association) and 1 CEC from NFPT (National Federation of Professional Trainers).

    Can You Afford this Business?


    Let me ask you this…

    How much would you be willing to pay someone to set you up in a business—to give you a highly in-demand service to sell, all the tools you need to sell it, a professional business plan, a proven marketing plan, all the advertising materials you’ll ever need, including bonus information that teaches you the “insider secrets” you need to become known as the “go-to” professional in your field, on-going, one-on-one professional support, a professionally written press release to announce your certification, and a step-by-step guide that guarantees your continued success?

    There’s no question about it. If you were to go out and buy an up and running business with this kind of profit potential, you’d be looking at paying an enormous amount…not to mention the down time and expense just to get the doors open.

    When you start your own self-defense fitness training business, you can get be up and running quickly and easily and you can be generating profits immediately.

    And that’s why I’m sure you’ll be absolutely amazed to learn that this business, including everything mentioned here is yours for less than $1,000…and your success in the business is guaranteed!


    In fact, the regular price of this comprehensive, turnkey business is just $499.

    Physician Practice Management Software Physician Practice Management Software

    But if getting in on a turnkey, in-demand business for only $500 hasn’t piqued your interest in getting started right now, here’s something that will.

    When you join the Family Safety Institute's Certification Program today, you'll become a Charter Member and pay just six monthly installments of $47.50 for everything mentioned ($286 total), or pay in full and save $50.

    • A comprehensive, turnkey, in-demand business that can be generating profits in just days
    • TThe entire self-defense system to include over three hours of videos, Erik Marshall’s bonus self-defense scenarios on video, and manuals.
    • A professionally developed marketing system that will bring a flood of new customers by showing you how to transform yourself into the “go-to” self-defense instructor in your community
    • Personalized, on-going professional support to help you to success
    • Family Safety & Self-Defense Institute Certification that will set you apart in the field.
    Physician Practice Management Software Physician Practice Management Software

    Remember that, to make this offer as convenient for you as possible, we'll let you spread your investment over six monthly payments of just $47.50 (or pay in full and save $50). Over the course of a year, your investment is less than your daily cup of coffee, yet it has the potential to bring you an executive level income for you and your family for years to come.

    Self Defense Techniques For Women Groin

    And remember, for this very small investment, you’re getting you're getting a good, honest business with a product that is in demand — a product that can help people of every age protect themselves and their loved ones.

    Physician Practice Management Software Physician Practice Management Software

    Wishing you great success in your new self-defense business!


    Andrew Neitlich
    Program Administrator

    P.S. Remember – you’re going to get all your answers to any questions you may have as you go through the program. We are 100% committed to your success so that you can earn an excellent income while helping people stay safe.

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